You are a treasure hunter exploring abandoned warehouses on a distant planet after having heard about some pretty valuable artifacts stored there. Be careful, the warehouses are patrolled by a top modern security drone! Well, at least it was 60 years ago. Getting scanned by the drone will land you instant galaxy wide wanted status, and will hinder any chance of selling those sweet artifacts… Get the artifacts and head to the exit as fast as possible!

The drone “Betty” uses its proximity sensors to zero in on your position. The more artifacts you cary, the easier it will be for it to sense you. Artifacts are also heavy and will slow you down!

TIP: Let go of artifacts while in the air to throw them up ledges you can’t reach.

Warninig: Getting Gold rank on all levels is pretty hard!


[A] Run left
[D] Run right
[W] Jump

[H] Pick up an item
[J] Pick up an item
[K] Pick up an item
[L] Pick up an item